Pako Pablos - "Lords of the Rings"

NFT Collection

Known for his contemporary style, mixed media artist Pako Pablos is recognized internationally for his stylistic approach by industry and social icons. The “Lords of the Rings” series, available for the first time as an NFT collection, combines all the great elements of his artistic style and merges them with technology.

A must have for any collector, the series is lead by a LeBron James piece featured in the new movie “ Space Jam 2”. The original piece was stolen and destroyed, making this NFT even more valuable to its new owner and collector.

Each unique NFT will be accompanied by an original sketch, making this series a must have for any collector.

Lebron James

Dennis Rodman

Kobe Bryant

Stephen Curry

Michael Jordan

Shaquille O’Neal

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar